Saturday, 24 March 2012

Give your guests something to do between the wedding and the Reception

Have you ever been to a wedding where there is a large gap in between the wedding ceremony and the reception?  Have you ever been in a different place and did not know what to do with yourself?  Did you spend it in the hotel room?
Why not make sure your guests are entertained and enjoy the experience between your wedding ceremony and reception while you and your wedding party are getting your photos taken?  I am in a wedding party  this summer and my friend Sarah (the bride) asked if I could include an entertainment card in the invitation package.  What a great idea I thought, she wanted to include all of the free and inexpensive tourist attractions as well as interesting things to do in the area.
Why not put an extra insert in your invitation?  Here are some things you could include:
- Local Parks (For couples with children)
- Tourist attractions such as museums
- Great restaurants or places to go for a snack
- Any local festivals or fairs going on during your wedding
- If your wedding is in the summer, a great spot to swim and cool off (especially if children are involved)
- Cool shops or boutiques in the area
   If your wedding is located in Ottawa area, there are quite a number of things to see and do which include:
-         The Museum of Civilization
-         The Museum of Nature
-         The Museum of Science and Technology
-         The Parliament Buildings
-         The changing of the Guard
-         Gatineau Park
-         The St. Lawrence Market ……and more!

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