Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Say yes to the 'Address'

   Who has not seen the show “Say yes to the dress” on TLC.   This show is where brides visit a high end bridal studio, Kleinfields, in New York City.   The brides try on dresses to find their perfect dream dress.    This article was inspired by senior designer Terry, who tells clients to ‘Say yes to the Address’.

Just imagine yourself at 2:00am trying to get your envelopes addressed.  First you tried feeding them through the printer, the printer smudged the envelopes then jammed them and generally gave you a hard time.  Then you tried labels, but you did not like how they looked on your fancy envelopes.  So as a last resort you decide to handwrite the addresses, that ballpoint pen keeps dying and your hand is getting really cramped and the address is on a crazy angle, it’s been awhile since you’ve had to take notes in school.  You make a few mistakes and then you are short a few envelopes.

Having your envelopes addressed by your invitation designer is a good idea.  You can be assured the cost will more than cover the time, hassle and frustration it saves you, making it a no brainer,  not to mention how stunning your invitations will look to your guests even before they even open the invitation. 

Here at Paper Studio, we match the fonts of your invitation with the outer envelope to give it a cohesive, well polished look, we even will throw in a small coordinating graphic.   All brides and grooms have to do is collect all of the addresses and write them into a template that can be found on our website.   No hassle, no wasted envelopes and no stress.

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