Friday, 9 March 2012

Wedding Invitation Trends for 2012

   As invitation designers we see a lot of different colours, styles design etc.  But from year to year there are always trends within the wedding world, the trends of the wedding industry often follow the trends of design in general.

  This year so far the biggest trend in weddings is vintage.  It is a timeless and romantic theme.  Brides are borrowing style elements from the years when their grandmothers and great grandmothers were married.   However the brides of 2012 have a lot more options available to them with our modern design technology.

 Elements that brides are using for their vintage style wedding invitations include lace, natural or “kraft” paper and cardstocks, twine instead of ribbon, fun combinations of fonts seen on old fashioned advertisements and cute vintage designs such as cameo silhouettes.   Brides who like the vintage style invitations tend to pick mattes instead of shimmer papers as well as cream and off white colours instead of bright whites.

   Another popular theme within the vintage wedding trend is the vintage movies.  This one has the old movie style poster design, with reply cards that are designed to look like “admit one” old style tickets.  Many of these couples are getting married in old movie theatres or similar establishments.

   Letterpress also creates the vintage look it is very desirable among brides and is becoming more affordable.  Letterpress creates a vintage look with a classy high end look.

  Tying in with a baroque and vintage feel, damask is still popular but not quite as popular as it once was. Nature is still a big theme, now with a vintage twist.  Birch trees are a popular motif for nature themed weddings.  A popular texture this year for enclosures is a woodgrain, very natural and very beautiful.

   There is always a trend in wedding colours as well.  This year brides are choosing soft colours such as blush, dusty rose, peach and champagne.
   Bling is still in too, but less common on vintage style invitations.  Whatever you choose for your wedding invitations, make sure it is what you want and that it reflects the style and theme of your wedding.
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